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Rain Soul Seed-Based, Organic Antioxidant, 1 Box (30 Pouches Each)


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RAIN CORE: Rain Core contains high-quality greens and dense seed blends.
RAIN SOUL: Rain Soul is an All-natural ingredient that provides your body.
CORE INGREDIENTS: Within Rain Core are: chlorophyllin, aloe vera, spirulina.
Includes (1) box of Rain SOUL.


detoxifies your body and cleanses the liver, kidney and digestive system

helps repairs liver cells

weight loss and obesity

improves heart heath

benefits good vision

halts inflamation

prevents kidney stone

fights gum disease

improves fertility

boosting immunity,circulation and reduces fatique

it’s an internal deoderant

lessens arthritis pain

fights aging, ulcers, tumors, epilepsy,acne

 A box contains 30 sachet of ready to drink pleasant taste supplement……

.just shake, tear and drink

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DescriptionEssential Fatty Acid (folic), Omega 3, 6 & 9, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K. minerals, flavonoids, resveratrol, D-Ribose and Enzymes!You need not take other supplements again, Rain Soul has a fantastic healing process for recovering , with abundance of nutrients available in Black Cumin seeds, Black Raspberries Seeds, Grape Chardonnay Seeds and D-ribose (natural sugar) Rain Soul benefits : • Repairs and promote the growth of cells cell • Anti-aging • Detox • Improve immune system • Lose Weight • More focused and Energetic • Better Night Sleep • Increase the strength of the bone marrow • Performance exercise recovery for athlete • Backache and muscle ache • And Much More Help reduce the risk of diseases such as: • Stroke • Arthritis • Cancer • Diabetes • Insomnia • Constipation • Heart Disease • chronic muscle disease • chronic fatigue syndrome • High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol etc.
1 BOX- 30 pcs*CORE takes care of virus infections disease, ranging from blood infections diseases, HIV and other opportunistic infections, RAIN CORE is capable in the management and treatment of any viral diseases. As well as Free Radicals.* Infections of all types are fought off by the immune system, specifically white blood cells by targeting the immune system directly, CORE helps your body fight off infections from head to toe, this is one major unique property that black seed which is the major seed in our supplement is known for through out history and ages and it stood the test of time to be the most powerful natural remedies today.*CLEARS EYES DISEASES AND VISION: Rain Soul is also use to treat eye infection as well as improve eyesight vision, it has been used by many to treat their pink eyes infection, to do so one should gently rub some oil around the eyes before going to sleep and for faster result use it daily.*BOOSTS FERTILITY: infertility can have variety of different causes, however it has been proven that RAIN Core has helped many improve their fertility for those that are suffering from infertility, both for men and women for over two thousand years, to date.

,the pure wellness product is the first and world leader in Seed Nutrition supplements.
It is a mixtures of concentrated nutritious elements and healthy oil from selected natural powerful seeds like black cumin, raspberry seeds and grape seeds. Then added for natural processing using unique cold-press process.

Rain CORE Pure wellness is the . It contains 2 ounces of seeds concentrate In the sachet.

It is considered to be one of the finest blends of , grapes seeds , and . These combination offers the most powerful nutrition.
Black Cumin Is Considered As One Of The Best Natural Healing Remedy
Inside Rain CORE
Only that rich of are selected for Rain Soul products to deliver the best food nutrients for human body. It has been packaged in a certified way in the USA, using unique cold-pressed technology.
The ingredients feature the best that are derived from black cumin seeds, grape seeds and black raspberry seeds.
The Proven Health Benefits Of Black Cumin By Medical Research
The unique blend of these oils give unique power to the RAIN CORE supplement. One packet of RAIN CORE can be compared with 2-3 servings of healthy fats, 8-10 servings of fruits and 8-10 servings of vegetables.
The selected seeds are approved by for black cumin seeds and over two hundred scientific researches.
Learn more about Rain CORE  product:
Health benefits:
cardiovascular support (from ),boost immune systemIncreased EnergyReduced Improved mentality functionImprove Endurance281 times stronger for reducing inflammation than aspirin without the side effect – Dr Lucy Yu, University of MarylandDecrease LDL cholesterol and diastolic significantly after 60 days of using the black cumin and black raspberry – combination Bermen center for outcomes and clinical research in MinneapolisEach sachet of Rain core contains 9 of the 14 super nutrition that are necessary to consume daily- centers of disease control and preventionEach sachet of rain soul contains 20% of the daily recommended value or 4.5 grams of fiber.Support heart, respiratory, kidney function and liverSupport immune and circulatory systemPrevent free radical and repair cell damage by free radicalAnti-inflammation
NAFDAC Number; A7-2148L

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Rain Soul Seed-Based, Organic Antioxidant, 1 Box (30 Pouches Each)


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